Sunday, December 12, 2010

New version of uploaded

Just uploaded a new version of to the server. Here is a list of whats new in this version.

1) You can use the keyboard to navigate. Use PageUp/PageDown or j/k to navigate between pictures.
2) You can directly post to twitter or like an image on facebook.
3) Few UI changes.

Have been working on a quite a few other things for the next big version but for that I need your feedback. Also if you know of other picture subreddits that you like do leave a link to that subreddit in the comments.

If you like using don't forget to reddit/tweet/facebook about it. Don't forget to leave your feedback or feature request in the comments.

You can also follow the development on

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Unknown said...


really appreciate the work you have done. I love reddit but enjoy looking at the pics this way then having to open each link in a diffrent tab. Might i suggest a new option which would reference the part of reddit.

thanks once again.