Saturday, June 28, 2014

pics.fefoo is now mobile friendly

If you've ever tried to use pics.fefoo on your mobile device it works but there are certain features which make it a little difficult to use it. Try the new version which has been specially designed to work on your mobile device. For now most of the changes are being done for the mobile devices.

Now you can scroll through the categories on the smallest possible screen. Also made sure that there is almost no scrolling required while you view the images. Since there are quite a few changes don't forget to click the "Report a bug" link in case you find any bugs or have any suggestions. You can also leave a comment on this post.

There are a few changes for desktop edition specially in the auto-resize code and also fixed the navigation code using the keyboard. Finally fixed a bug with the navigation which was happening since version one.

Will try and keep updating the list with what all has been implemented so far.

  • Added the new "rising' tab. It shows you images which might hit the homepage.
  • Should work on iPhone, iPad, Chrome on Android, ASOP browser.
  • Made changes to make it work on Opera Mini
  • Better support for tablets
  • Comments and links to stories now open in a new tab
  • Now play youtube links
  • Fixed code to display imgur albums and gallery
  • Use keyboard shortcuts "j" and "k" or "Shift + PgUp" and "Shift + PgDn" to move between images and also move to next page.
  • Fixed the resizing code and image navigation code.
  • Use arrow keys (left and right) to move between images.