Monday, March 30, 2009

Feature freeze for this version

I've finally finished of the features for this version of fefoo. Now its looking a lot more stable and usable. The coding part is over and now beings the testing and trying to find more people who would like to use it. Still have to work on the help and the video that shows what fefoo is.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

[IN FOCUS] Deezer is an amazing music service

This is a new series of article that I plan to write whenever I find a new service that gets added to fefoo. It could also highlight a service that is already in fefoo but never got highlighted. This week I am going to focus on Deezer. If you stream songs online this has to be one of the best service I've seen in a while. I am amazed every time I see new service and how these services then seem to slip out of my mind and thats when I realize the power of fefoo in making me rememeber the places to look for things. Rather than go on and on about the service you can check it on your own. Next time you search for music on fefoo, do give a look at the deezer icon and try it out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whats with the name fefoo?

Google and Yahoo! were already taken and fefoo was the next best bet :D

Other than that there is no special reason or meaning of the name. At least not that I know of right now. Unless it is a profanity in some language it should be a good name. I was searching for "foobar" and suggestions with that name. And somehow "fefoo" sounds a bit like foobar.

After that the name kind of got stuck. Now that I think about it. Its been four years since I first thought of something like fefoo, that was even before I had a name for it.

Last week I released the first beta and hopefully this week the second beta will be out. After using a new bug management and project management system things have been progressing quite fast. I still have a few bugs open before I can launch the next beta.

Here is hoping that it happens this week. :)