Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some updates to are live

With many of the search engines no longer available the list of search engines on was becoming stale. I have updated the list. The auto updater will currently not work as there are still a few more updates that I need to make before the auto updater will kick in.

To manually update the list and get the new UI for Google Chrome. Goto and press Ctrl + F5. This will force an update and you will get the latest files from the server. The UI for Google Chrome was updated a while back but I am not sure everyone got it as I did not set the auto updater on. If you do a manual update you should be able to use the new UI.

There are other things I wanted to update before the major release but its better to release things that are ready than wait endlessly for the major release.

Here is a list of updates to the search engines.

* Web search engines removed: Cuil, Wikia, Lexxe, ChaCha
* Web search engines added: Blekko, Yippy
* Added to social search. This one enables you to search for status updates on facebook.
* In the MP3 and Music section most of the search engines that are dead have been removed. There are too many to list.
* Removed Blogdimension and Bloglines from the blogs category.
* Rapidshare category only has one search engine left the rest are history.
* In the realtime category Collecta has been removed.
* In the answers category added Quora
* In the Encyclopedia category removed PowerSet
* Added Yelp to local search category