Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some major reshuffles

In the last few weeks 2 new categories have been added. First is MP3 which has all the possible MP3 search engines that I could find. The Music category is still there but now it only focuses on sites which have streaming audio. It was turning too big to handle so I had to split it. Also added a few more streaming services which I could not have added earlier as the category was too big. Have also added a category to search files on FTP.

Bing has been able to change quite a bit of perception so have brought bing into the forefront specially for image and video search. Have added Google Squared to the research category.

Thats quite a bit of changes for a week. Still finding quite a bit of bugs and trying to get rid of them before the launch. And thanks to the people who have filed the bugs and feature requests.

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