Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[INFOCUS] The webmasters category

Besides managing search engine there are 19 webmaster tools that are part of the webmasters category which you can use to manage your websites. To try this category type the URL of your blog or website to use the tools in this category.

Enter a domain name eg.

When you search you will see a toolbar on top which will help you to select the webmaster tool you want to use. You can click on the icon or select the webmaster tool from the combo box. By default it uses the Wayback Machine. The various webmaster tools that are in fefoo range from SEO tools, domain management tools and stats tools.

Wayback Machine

This tool allows you to see how the website has evolved over the years. You can see a snapshot of the website over the years. Use the command :wayback [domain name] to use it directly from fefoo. Only the keyword given in bold is required rest is optional. You can use this fefoo command from the fefoo homepage. Now you can also add fefoo to your browser and use these commands from the search bar. You can add this firefox add-on to add it to firefox. For other browsers follow these instructions.


This is a great utility if you want to see if your website is available across the globe. They have servers around the world and you can ping from those servers to find out if your website is working from there. fefoo command :justping.

If you want to find information about the domain name you can use this tool to get detailed information about the domain. fefoo command


Has a detailed database about a domain. It gets information from multiple sources to generate detailed information about a domain. fefoo command :quarkbase


Is similar to quarkbase and gives detailed information about the company which owns the domain. fefoo command :dataopedia

Alexa Traffic Details

Gives you stats about a domain generated by Alexa. You can see daily and monthly traffic changes on a domain. fefoo command :alexa


Is again similar to Alexa and gives stats about traffic on a given website. fefoo command :quancast


Using this tool you can get detailed site analysis about a website. fefoo command :compete


Has information about startups based on a domain name. fefoo command :younoodle

DNS tools from

There are 4 DNS based tools that you can use from fefoo.
  • Ping: Pings the specified host to see if its alive. fefoo command :ping
  • Traceroute: Traces the route from the servers to the domain name. fefoo command :traceroute
  • DNS Lookup: You can look up the DNS entries of the given domain name. This also gives you information about the name servers being used by the domain name. fefoo command :dns
  • Domain Search: Search for a domain name. Also displays other similar names that might be available. fefoo command :domain

Google Safe Browsing

This tool will tell you if the domain that you are searching for has hosted any malicious content in the last 90 days. fefoo command :googlesafe

Pagerank Tools

There are three tools which you can use to find the page rank of your website. You can use any one of them if either of them is down.
  • Smartpagerank: fefoo command :smartpagerank
  • iWebtool Pagerank: fefoo command :iwebtool
  • Checkpagrank: :checkpagerand

Backlink Watch

This is one very important tool which you can use to find detailed information about who all is linking to your website. fefoo command :backlinkwatch


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