Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting a lot of good feedback and bug reports

Over the last few days I've been getting quite a lot of bug reports and feedback from a user. Please do leave you email address in the feedback form. It makes it easier to get back to you. Am not sure if you use twitter or follow this blog. I will try and answer one of your questions here.

Why should I add fefoo as the default engine even when it only searches on Google?
When you add fefoo as the default engine it uses Google without the toolbar on top because personally 95% of the times I want to search on Google. Thought the toolbar is helpful in most cases I would not like to be stuck with it on every page. To turn on the toolbar while you search from the search bar add a ":" (colon) in front of your search. Now if you are searching for ": Baby Shark Song" just add a colon in front of the search. This will force fefoo to show you the toolbar.


el autor said...

Personally, when I just want to google something, I type "g baby shark song" in the location bar (I have defined 'g' as the keyword for Google in Firefox.

My intention was to use "f baby shark song" when I want to fefoo (meaning multi-search) something, since I don't know how to set fefoo as the default search engine in FF.

But I understand your rationale, it works perfectly for Chrome. In FF, I'll have to use "f : baby shark song", but it's not big deal.

P.S. Sorry about not leaving my email address. I am too lazy to type it and I thought you would be too busy to dialog with the suggesters.

Congrats and thanks for fefoo.

VJ said...

This is probably what you are looking for.

el autor said...

That is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!