Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The search problem and redefining it

Let me start with the introduction of fefoo is and how I started about developing it. I started more than 3 years back. Seems like a really long time, but its unlike what the initial concept was going to be. It began as a search wiki and changed many forms over the years. Nothing was launched since in most cases it was just a concept. The main trouble was the amount of resources required for anything related to search.

Over the last two years a few search engines have been launched and relaunched but they have not been able to capture any market from Google. The main reason is that search is not really broken or at least most people are able to use Google and see no use in going with some other search engine. Its a really unique problem, even if a new search engine is released its difficult for it to get any market share since people are so used to just one search engine. Even if newer search engines are lunched they need to be similar to the big one and yet offer something unique and that's really difficult.

Taking that into context I finally gave up on working on anything related to a search engine. And that's where the present thing came up. Its not yet another search engine but allows you to use multiple search engines and makes sure you get what you are looking for. It can also act like a command line to the internet. Its something that I would use and that's why its important and maybe others will feel the same about it.

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