Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Target users of FeFoo

As of now I am targeting no more than 100 users. Even if a 100 users like it and use it daily it would be an achievement. Since its difficult for most people to figure out that FeFoo is not a search engine but just a search application which makes it easier to find things on the internet. It lets you target your search according to the topics. Had it not been for fefoo I would have long forgotten wink a great search engine to find people online.

FeFoo just makes it simpler to use multiple search engines without remembering too much. I have made quite a bit of progress on the code lately. Still have not turned on the caching that will make the whole thing fast. Also having a bit of trouble with the auto update and analytics module. Hopefully once I finish them off it will be ready for a soft launch.

I just hope I have atleast 100 users within a month of launch. Lets wait and watch. Still not sure how I am going to find people who will use it.

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