Saturday, February 7, 2009

Working towards the next alpha version

Over the last 2 weekends I've hardly been able to work on this and have a few bugs open which need to be fixed before I can move to the beta stage. I have been using fefoo full time and have faced a few issues which I need to take care of before the beta release. The first problem is that the google analytics code is making it impossible to cache the page.

It has definitely made searching a lot more easier and I now need to make a video which explains what this application is all about. I had sent the link to a few people and the first impression that comes across is, "Whats the difference and why should I use this instead of my favorite search engine? What is the problem that this application is trying to solve?". This is a question that I can answer if the person is in front of me but very difficult to explain if someone is not right there. I have been checking the analytics and seen that the retention rate is quite high but only if someone understands it well. And for that a video becomes more than necessary. The caching is a very big selling factor that needs to be promoted to get people to use it.

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