Thursday, April 9, 2009

And a new challange on the way to launch

I've been trying to make the videos and write the help files. But its taking quite a while to finish off all the help files. I had thought of starting work on comics.fefoo but have so much more work left on the help files that I don't think I will be able to start work on it anytime soon. Still not sure if anyone will like to use it. Things are still a little complicated in some places so will try to make them simpler.

I moved fefoo to a new host, so hopefully the first time load speed, before its cached would be a lot better. Also now all the JS and CSS files are gziped so that has brought down the download size by atleast 50% if not more. I still need to work on the update system. Lets see when I can finally get that in.

Also added two new categories "Recipes" and "Research" to the list. Also found a great new search engine DuckDuckGo. Its got a unique way to present the results. The search quality is amazing. You can try it out in the web category. Till next time when I have more updates.

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