Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adding features is easy but making them usable is tough

There are more than a dozen features that I have in mind for fefoo but they won't make it in this version of fefoo. The reason is not that they are difficult to implement, but the main trouble is keeping all those features usable and till a certain degree accessible. I try and work on the concept that nothing should be more than 2 clicks away. One click if possible but at max 2 clicks. Unless its a feature that only power users will use its better to stick with the 2 click rule.

I am also kind of worried about the negative publicity that iframes are getting. Not that fefoo is like diggbar or stumble upon but with the herd mentality things get to a point where everything is seen with the same frame of mind. Not that there will be quite a few people who are going to hate fefoo 'cause it uses iframes, but none of these people will have any answer to what else can be used instead of iframes. Don't think fefoo is getting that big anytime soon that it should matter.

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