Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a matter of perception

Fefoo has been designed in a way that it should never feel slow. Firstly its cached on your system so it gets rid of the time required to fetch the data from the server. The network time is the one which makes most web applications slow. This was the first thing I had to take care when I started with fefoo. In most cases fefoo is fast enough to send you to the destination site in a fraction of a second.

Thats just one part of the story. There are more than 200+ search engines that are available to you on fefoo, but not every one of them has a server farm all across the world. And that is where the perception part comes into the picture. When you use the semicolon command to search, fefoo is supposed to directly take you to the search engine without displaying the toolbar on top. In most cases if the search engine has a server farm near you, one would not notice much difference in speed. But in case the server being contacted is slow or down you would end up seeing the fefoo toolbar for a good 2-3 seconds and in a way it would seem like fefoo is slowing down things.

Now when you search from the search bar on your browser using the semicolon command. It hides the toolbar and changes the title to the search engine being redirected. This might seem like a very small little change but it changes the perception that fefoo is slow. The moment you see the title change fefoo has already redirected to the search engine and whatever delay you see is because of the search engine you are searching on.

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