Friday, May 8, 2009

Wacking my head over defaults

This is one big question on my mind for the last two weeks. Should the toolbar be [On] by default or should it be [Off]. It is one major thing I need to decide before the launch. Still not decided when the official launch is going to be. Still have a few things I need to take care of before I can say that I am finished with things. Have added quite a few search engines to search for recipes. I don't cook much but I guess there are people who use these search engines, I've added 15 search engines for cooking recipes.

Also have been moving around the UI elements here and there, trying to get the defaults right. If the defaults are not right no one will use it. It should be simple enough to understand without ever looking at the help. I still have a few issues with the commands. I can use them and they are probably the only reason why I am so hung up about fefoo.

The main problem with commands is that they are not discoverable. A user needs to learn it and asking someone to take a minute to learn it seems like a lot. I still have to get the videos done. I am also pushing a new build with more bug fixes and a few new search engines.

There is a feedback link on the bottom of the homepage. If you have any issues or bugs or feature request please don't hesitate to give in your comments.

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